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    Mt Rogers Ltd Plush Mattress


    Tired of tossing and turning all night? It’s time for this plush California king mattress. Beneath the cover lies layers of top-quality foam to enhance body support and relieve your pressure points. Copper particles draw heat away, keeping your body cool through the night. Wrapped coils and memory foam work in tandem to reduce motion transfer. With this mattress, undisturbed sleep isn’t a dream—it’s reality. Foundation/box spring available, sold separately.

    White / Queen - Plush

    Dimensions 14.5" H x 59" W x 79" D
    Weight 106.21 lbs

    White / King - Plush

    Dimensions 14.5" H x 75" W x 79" D
    Weight 115.3 lbs

    White / California King - Plush

    Dimensions 14.5" H x 71" W x 83" D
    Weight 134.79 lbs